Alcotec 48 Pure Turbo Yeast 25L

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31048 Alcotec48.1
142.00 Grams

Alcotec Absolutely Pure Spirit Base Kit

5 Litre 20% ABV High Alcohol - Home brew Moonshine

This kit contains all you need to make 5 Litres of high quality 20% Spirit Base.

5L in total – just add sugar and water.
Alcotec Absolutely Pure Spirit Kit uses cutting edge hi-tech alcohol fermentation technology.

Now you can brew your own spirit base just as easily as making home brew beer or wine.

This is High Alcohol Fermentation, NOT distilling, so it is legal here in the UK.
Equipment: You will need a 12.5L fermenter and a siphon.
Sugar: You will need 1.63 kilos.
The spirit base is perfect for distilling or for making half strength spirits and liqueurs. Simply add an essence to convert it into half strength Gin, Rum, Whisky or virtually any other type of spirit or liqueur. (Essences sold separately.)
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This Comprehensive Kits includes:

•Dried Wine Yeast
•Liquid Wine Finings
•Activated Carbon

Equipment not included