BelVino Chardonnay Wine Kit

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12712 Belv Chard.1
579.00 Grams

BelVino Chardonnay

Medium dry Chardonnay style white with the typical hint of smokiness.

Contains apple, raisins, figs, hawthorn berries, lemon grass, elderflowers, lemon shell, and peach.

BelVino Wine Kits make 23 litres of great tasting wine in just 1 week.

Start it this weekend, drink it next weekend !

All the fruit and chemicals you need are in the box.

You just add sugar and water !

Making wine from dried fruit with BelVino Winemaking Kits is so easy.

It brings the bounty of countless hedgerows right to your front door without the effort.

There are many varieties to choose from.

We have Reds, Whites and Rosés to choose from.
- Classic Red
- Australian Red
- South African Red
- California White
- Chardonnay (White)
- Piesporter (White)
- Rosé
- Forest Fruit
- Blueberry/Raspberry

Typical Alcohol 10.5%

Equipment not included - See our Shop for a full range of homebrew equipment and starter kits.