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These are our Clearance Pages. It's where we sell things that we can't sell at normal price.

Maybe there is a dented can or a bent box. Maybe it has a short expiration date or gone past its Best Before Date (BBE).

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These items are a fraction of their usual price. NB: These heavily discounted items cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.
Please read the Title and/or Description for details of each item.

Beer Kits and wine kits that have gone past their BBE are great for practicing and are good for adding to other kits to add body. For example, if you have a Stout beer kit that requires sugar or Liquid malt, adding a similar Stout BBE tin is a very economical way to bolster your kit.


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    BBE 04-2019 Bulldog Brews Perfect Apple Cider Kit

    BBE 04-2019 Bulldog Brews Perfect Apple Cider Kit

    BEST BEFORE END 04-2019 Bulldog Brews Perfect Apple Cider Kit – 3kgs! Based on an unprecedented amount of apple concentrate, this kit includes all you need to make the perfect cider. All ingredients are in the box - just add water.Bulldog Brews...

    MSRP: £22.99
    Was: £22.03
    Now: £16.99
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