Deluxe Wine Making Kit with Twin Lever Corker

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33L Wine Kit Corker.1
3,763.00 Grams

Deluxe Wine Making Kit with Twin Lever Corker

Suitable to make 30 Bottles - 25L

This kit is the perfect Beginners - Everything needed is here, it’s the perfect gift.

It has all the equipment, chemicals and recipes you need in one convenient box.

This comprehensive kit contains:

- All the equipment needed to make the wine (bottles not included).
- Ingredients & Chemicals for your first 5 gallon, 30 bottle batch
- Instructions and 17 wine recipes.
- All the equipment is reusable over and over again.

You just add fruit, sugar and water or one of our Wine Kit Refills (available separately from our Shop)

The kit comes complete with instructions for 17 different wine recipes!

You can use fruit from your garden, the hedgerow or the shop! The choice is yours.

(If you don't want to get your own fruit, add one of our Wine, Beer or Cider Refill Kits to your order. Visit our Shop for a selection.)

This comprehensive kit includes:

- 2 (two) x 33 litre Food Grade Fermentation Buckets with lids & handles
- Deluxe Twin Lever Bottle Corker with 30 Corks
- Airlock, grommet and cap
- Thermometer
- Hydrometer
- Telescopic Siphon
- Long Handle Spoon/Paddle
- VWP Steriliser/Cleaner 100g – (To clean and sterilise your equipment)
- Easy To Follow Instructions & Recipes

Also includes the chemicals and yeast needed to make your first 30 bottle batch.

That’s everything you need. You just add your favourite fruit or berries, sugar and water and cleaned some wine bottles.