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  • Glass Thermometer 12inch/30cm

    Glass Thermometer 12inch/30cm

    Glass Homebrew Thermometer 300mm Stevenson Reeves Lab Thermometer - Made in UK 12inch/30cm thermometer suited especially for homebrew. These thermometers have a Green Spirit fill on White background for easy reading. Dual Temperature range:- 0 to 230F ...

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  • LCD Stick-On Thermometer

    LCD Stick-On Thermometer

    LCD Thermometer Temperature Strip Stick On, Self Adhesive Perfect for Homebrew Beer, Wine and Cider making etc.- 14C - 32C temperature range - 13cm (H) x 2cm (W) Different numbers 'light up' as the temperature changes making it very easy to...

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  • Spirit Meter 0-100% Alcoholmeter

    Spirit Meter - Alcoholmeter High Quality - Made in Great Britain Measures the % of Alcohol in Distilled Spirits 0-100% (Vol) 9"/23cm Comes is a clear plastic storage tube Calibrated at 20 ºC (This is not a beer & wine hydrometer -...

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  • Stevenson Reeves Easy Read Hydrometer

    Easy Read Hydrometer for Homebrew Beer, Cider & Wine A quality instrument made in the UK by Stevenson Reeves This Hydrometer is specifically designed for easy use. - Calculate the Alcohol ABV % in your beer, cider and wine. - Tells you what...

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  • Stevenson Reeves Hydrometer

    Stevenson Reeves Hydrometer

    Homebrew Triple Scale Beer & Wine Hydrometer - Stevenson Reeves This Hydrometer is specifically designed for homebrew beer, wine & cider making. The Homebrew Hydrometer is the most versatile instrument you can have in your homebrew tool box. ...

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