Liqueur Making Kit 5L 20%

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BoB Liqueur.1
1,244.00 Grams

Bucket of LIQUEURS"

Make your own Spirits and Liqueurs at home.

4.5 Litres / 1 Gallon / 6 Spirit Bottle Home Brew Kit

No Still or Distillation Required. Legal where Beer and Wine Making is permitted.

Now you can make your own half strength 20% Spirits at home?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Make the base spirit.
- Pour the spirit into 6 bottles (Bottles sold separately).
- Add the Essences and shake.

Everything you need is in the box.

Makes 4.5L of 20% ABV Spirit.

All the equipment is included.

All the ingredients and instructions are included.

Just add sugar & water.

Makes the perfect gift.

With 6x 20ml bottles or sachets of Liqueur Essences

This Comprehensive Kit includes:

- 1x 12.5L / 2.5 Gallon high quality food grade Fermentation Bucket (Fermenter)
- Alcotec Absolutely Pure High Alcohol Base Spirit Pack (Yeast, Nutrient, Carbon, Finings)
- 6x 20ml Bottles or sachets of Essences
- Siphon tube
- Hydrometer
- Thermometer
- Airlock
- Steriliser/Cleaner Powder
- Easy to follow instructions

NB: This kit includes 1x Fermentation Bucket. A second 5L / 1 Gallon container is useful when siphoning after you have made the kit. A large bowl or saucepan is perfect. If you do not have a 5L container in your home, you can buy a second Fermentation Bucket from our Shop

Re-Fills for this kit (Spirit Kit and 6x Essences of your choice) are available at our Shop.

Bonus: This homebrew kit can also be used to make: Wine, Cider, Mead, Ginger Beer, Perry and many other brews.

We carry over 200 Essences and Extracts. Please contact us for a list.