No-Rinse Steriliser 10g

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24700 Steriliser.1
11.00 Grams

No-Rinse Steriliser/sanitiser 10g with Active Oxygen

Fast, safe and effective cleaner/steriliser that does not need to be rinsed off after use.

Easy to use - saves time and effort - and is better for the environment.

Ideal for Bottle Washers and Rinsers.

Dissolve sachet in 10L (2 gallons) water and ensure it is in contact with all surfaces of equipment to be used.
After use, pour away solution, there is no need to rinse away.
The steriliser should be used within 30 minutes of making up to remain effective.
Remaining residue will drop out of suspension and be removed with normal fining.
If preferred, residue can be rinsed away after final wash.

Suitable for cleaning equipment only