Pathfinder TY48 Turbo Yeast High Alcohol 20% Dual Recipe Vodka Wash

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3601 Pathfinder TY48.1
145.00 Grams

Pathfinder TY48 High Power Dual Recipe Turbo Yeast
A high alcohol and temperature tolerant yeast developed for improved distillate quality.
High performance up to 20%, Super Rapid Yeast/Nutrient

Pathfinder TY48 is a ”dual” turbo yeast.

Simply change the amount of sugar used to change how it works.

It can ferment 6 kgs/25 litres up to 14% in 48 hours!

- or 8 kgs/25 litres up to 20% in 5 days!

You simply choose how much sugar to add.

This is a very friendly yeast strain as it is temperature tolerant so it’s perfect for our varying climate.

This turbo yeast is considerably more tolerant to high temperatures than the TY24.

Use regular white granulated sugar. If using Brewing Sugar we recommend adding an extra 10%.