St Peters Honey Porter

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85204 St Peters Honey Porter.1
3,449.00 Grams

St. Peter Brewery Honey Porter Beer Kit

Premium all malt 3.0 kg beer kit makes 40 pints - No sugar required.

This kit is based on the bronze award winning recipe (the national honey show 2012) of the St Peter’s brewery Honey Porter.

This 40 pint kit brews a rich and sweet porter with a final strength of approx. 4.5 % ABV.

Produced under license by Muntons Plc.

Using twice the amount of raw material than standard beer kits, this premium all malt beer kit allows you to make an excepional beer at home.

- Hopped Malt Extract
- Brewing Yeast
- Hop Extract

The reason beers kits are so much better than they were just a few years ago is because the Breweries themselves have become involved.
Muntons, the leading Beer Kit Manufacturer, have formed a relationship with the award winning St Peter’s brewery to develop this beer kit range that accurately matches St Peter’s Brewery popular commercial beers.
Every new beer kit launched is shaped and approved by their head brewer allowing you to make exceptional quality beer at home.

Equipment not included - Basic Home Brew equipment required - sold separately.