Stevenson Reeves Hydrometer

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S1011 SR Hydrometer
107.00 Grams
Stevenson Reeves Hydrometer

Homebrew Triple Scale Beer & Wine Hydrometer - Stevenson Reeves

This Hydrometer is specifically designed for homebrew beer, wine & cider making.
The Homebrew Hydrometer is the most versatile instrument you can have in your homebrew tool box.

It allows you to calculate alcohol, see when the fermentation is finished and diagnose/troubleshoot problems.

It has a Triple Scale

- Specific Gravity
- Sugar Scale
- Potential Alcohol

Coloured bands indicate where to start and finish wines and beers making it very easy to read.

There is also an indication for sweet/medium/dry finished wines.

- Comes in a plastic tube for storage.
- Instruction leaflet included.
- Brand will vary depending on stock.

See our Download page for instructions on how to use.
For easy reading, use with a 250ml trial tube / sample cylinder.