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  • Dried Sloes 500g Youngs

    Dried Sloes 500g Youngs 500g Bag Convenient and easy to use. Makes Sloe Berries available all year round. Use in all recipes calling for Sloe Berries. Gin, Wine, ciders and mead. Place in Muslin bag or cheese cloth for easier removal.

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  • Hedgerow Wine Kit

    Hedgerow Wine Kit

    Hedgerow wine kit - fruit wine making.23L / 5 gallonsHedgerow wine making is now greatly simplified thanks to the Hedgerow Wine Kit. All ingredients you need plus 17 recipes, just add the fruit to make your own hedgerow wine.The Hedgerow Wine Kit...

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  • Ritchies Oak Chippings 10g for 25L / 30 bottles

    Oak Chippings 10g for 25L/5 Gallons of Homebrew Wine, & Mead Making Specially designed for Homebrew. Use for adding ‘Oakiness’ and maturity to your brew. Leaves the aroma and flavour of oak in wine, beer, mead and spirits. Much easier...

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  • Vermouth Herbs 5g additive - flavours 6 bottles

    Dry Vermouth Herbs 5g Wine Additive - Flavours up to 6 bottles of wine. Add these herbs to finished wine to add Vermouth flavouring. Any wine is suitable for the brewing of vermouth and Aperitifs. Use these herbs with a neutral tasting wine to allow...

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